Lady Gaga In Paris

So it’s official, “Do What U Want” is being thrown to the side and efforts ditched to promo the track. I believe this has to do with the original feature with R.Kelly and all the controversy surrounding him. That all being said, we get a new single off of ARTPOP, “Gypsy“! The track is written by Gaga, RedOne, Paul Blair (DJ White Shadow), and Hugo Leclercq (Madeon), who’s also the producer.  With that grouping of powerhouses on a track, you know it’s gotta be good! The track was posted to Interscope’s promo platforms like Soundcloud and added the track to its official radio page here. Some sources say this isn’t confirmation enough, but as history shows, it will be the next single. Also based off fans reaction and the progression of this album, the track makes sense. Unless she throws us a curve ball with a much harder track like Venus or Swine. 

“Gypsy” is one of my personal favorites and I’m glad that Haus of Gaga is getting organized and its shit together.   We need a promo for Lady Gaga like we have come to expect and love, hearing and seeing positive Gaga press everywhere!  To be honest, the Gaga hate has gotten a little tired and yes it gives blogs more web traffic and engagement from readers, but it’s getting to be absurd. This is coming from a Lady Gaga fan btw and for the ones that think Gaga is disappearing, Gaga has been very active with her Little Monsters on her social network, She is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Listen to “Gypsy” below and grab the track along with the rest of ARTPOP off iTunes here ->  SmartUrl.It/ARTPOP

“Gypsy” live performance at The AMPYA Moment

Last little thing… Lady Gaga was featured in the Louvre, yeah her portrait was right next to the Mona Lisa. Look below.

Lady Gaga Louvre Portrait

[Image via Lady Gaga’s Twitter]


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