Broods Bridges

One of my favorite new groups to hit the scene Broods, has just dropped the video for their single “Bridges” and it’s exactly what I needed today. The duo are synthpop brother-sister realness made up of Georgia and Caleb Nott. Their first single “Bridges“ is already set to throw the duo into mainstream success and I can’t wait to see where they go from here! Their self-titled EP ‘BROODS’ is a nice taste of what the two can bring to the table, be sure to watch the video below then go grab the EP.

Broods hail from New Zealand, you know the place Lorde sings about all the time, and in regards to Lorde, the duo have worked closely with Joel Little, who produced all of Lorde’s debut album, ‘Pure Heroine‘. One of my favorite things about Joel Little’s work is he seems to pump out a perfectly minimal feel and sound, that just works.  So you take the pair’s vocals as beautiful harmonies, then with some drums, harmonic piano chords and the occasional synth you get a balance that just works perfectly.

A mix with between Imogen Heap‘s voice and CHVRCHES style. A formidable production which everyone wants more of and hopefully will get over this year.

Download “Bridges,” available on the ‘BROODS’ EP on iTunes:

US Version

International Version