Shakira Dare Video

Shakira launches the next single from her latest self-titled album ‘Shakira‘ with the track “Dare (La La La)“.

Dare (La La La)‘ is the next single from her tenth studio album ‘Shakira.‘, released on March 21. This follows “Empire” a track that hasn’t had much impact in the US and looks to not perform well at all.

Shakira can finally deliver the video she recorded in Lisbon all the way back in 2012. She also gets to release several different versions of the song, specifically as a single in Spain and Latin America.

 One of the new versions of the track is a Spanish version and the lyrics have been changed to work for the World Cup, nicknamed the ‘Brazil 2014‘ version, but sung entirely in Spanish. The song has been selected as an official song of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Shakira’s new self-titled album is out now! Download on iTunes: