Shakira - Empire

The beautiful and talented Shakira just released a new music video for her latest single “Empire” and her self-titled album ‘Shakira’ was released today as well.  Now the single “Empire” is a totally different sound and feel than her lead single for the album, titled “Can’t Remember to Forget You” that featured Rihanna. To be honest, not a fan of it or Shakira’s vocals on it. Actually the whole album is a mess of direction or genre. Now that being said, it’s Shakira’s style to be totally eclectic. But… this just isn’t working for us. I’m sure the album will have some success because her fan base is loyal and pumps money into her camp. Find the stream of the album below the video for “Empire” or here.

Shakira looks flawless as usual and man can she hook you with those looks. The video is an interesting concept, like Sound of Music scenes with a failed wedding. Be sure to check it out for yourself below.

Watch the video below and grab the album off iTunes here ->