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Check out what JLo had to say, on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, about Beyoncé’s apparent and confirmed Lip-syncing to the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration earlier this week. Aretha Franklin also defends the singer… makes it clear this really isn’t that important.

“Sometimes it happens, when you’re in certain stadiums and certain venues, they do pre-record things, because you’re gonna have that terrible slap back,” Lopez explained. “So yeah, people do it.” She also cited Whitney Houston‘s famous 1991 Super Bowl performance, which was also pre-recorded. “So yeah, all performers do have to do it at some point.”

We work in music and actually don’t hate on Beyoncé for pre-recording the anthem. It’s not uncommon and certain situations truly call for it.

I mean what happened if she messed that gig up?

Love us some Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé!

Here is Beyoncé’s performance if you haven’t watched it yet.