Macklemore and Ryan Lewis photo class=

Check out this random yet catchy track that’s making waves over at Billboard.

Thrift” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is a funky rap track about none other than garage sailing/thrift shopping. The track has taken the 100’s Digital Gainer award 2 weeks in a row… Also #1 of streaming songs (Billboard finally gets with the program and has a chart for streaming singles. um a little late, but nice to have) with 1.68 million steams setting the record, since Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” with 1.41 million in May.

It’s the rap song your mom always wish she could have thought of while bein’ thrifty.

The ridiculousness of the lyrics and visuals of this video pull ya in, but the beat is actually pretty bad ass and keeps ya there.

Grab the track on iTunes here.