Late 2016, I had the opportunity to see Halsey at the Grammy Museum in Los Angles, CA. During her Q&A I was left feeling like she was trying so hard not to be an emotionally confused girl thrust into the spotlight, for some tunes she made with all those said emotions. She had this genuine desire not to be labeled “the crazy pixie girl” and I can respect her want to not be commoditized, but you lost that truth by how hard she was pushing the way we should perceive her.

That emotional mess of a person however, is a beautiful and power human that writes some amazing music. She’s just like all of us that suffer some sort of mental illness, may that be depression, addiction, or any of the number of ways our brain likes to take us down.

Now Or Never‘ is the first track off Halsey’s upcoming second studio album titled hopeless fountain kingdom, set to drop later this year. The song received one epic of a music video treatment and worth the watch. I bet you can guess the story line… Capulets vs Montagues meet modern day gang wars.

Pre-order the upcoming album and get the track right now on iTunes here.