Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

A little late to post, well any true Swifty should have had a million posts about the video already, so two days after the premiere is just shameful. Well not really but you get the idea.

The music video for Taylor Swift’s latest single “Wildest Dreams“, which premiered during the VMAs Pre-show, is just what any fan would want form Taylor and more. It goes with her brand, classy, beautiful and exactly what the song needed to bring it to the next level. It’s immediately a classic and stuns with classic visuals that work across the board.   I’m a fan of Taylor Swift and this video continues my love for this chick even more.

Can you see the Elizabeth Taylor vibes from Tay tay?! I sure can and LOVE it!

Say you’ll remember me
Standing in a sweat shirt, staring at my iPhone, on a San Franciscan pier ?

Be sure to grab your own copy of 1989 and get the song “Wildest Dreams” as part of it here:

Let me know your thoughts, even if they are crazy and negative ones, below!