In the Lonely Hour‘ is the upcoming debut studio album from British singer-songwriter Sam Smith, that’s set to drop May 26, 2014. If you aren’t sure who Sam Smith is yet, then you better get on the band wagon, because he is incredibly talented. His latest track “Leave Your Lover” which is available now via iTunes along side the pre-order of his upcoming debut album, is just another taste of this amazing talent.

The lead single “Money On My Mind“ was announced as winner of the BBC Sound of 2014 on January 9th and things just keep going up from there. We also love love love “Stay With Me“, seems like he keeps the talent flowing and impressing everyone with each new track.

His latest countdown single “Leave Your Lover”, is a smash hit that gets your heart feeling and hears believing. Listen below and be ready for as Katy Perry says, the male Adele.

Leave Your Lover

Not In That Way


  1. Money On My Mind
  2. Good Thing
  3. Stay With Me
  4. Leave Your Lover
  5. I’m Not the Only One
  6. I’ve Told You Now
  7. Like I Can
  8. Life Support
  9. Not In That Way
  10. Lay Me Down

Deluxe Edition

  1. Restart
  2. Latch (Acoustic)
  3. La La La (Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith)
  4. Reminds Me of You
  5. Make It to Me