Natalia Kills - Saturday Night

Wednesday night became a music filled evening for Beats4LA and we couldn’t be happier!

Last night at “Stripper Circus,” (gotta love the name) a themed weekly event at Here Lounge in West Hollywood, Natalia Kills stopped by to sing a little for her gays. As soon as she entered the building, she hopped up on the super small stage, without dancers, and sang two tracks with some real emotion.  We haven’t really been all about this chick till her song “Saturday Night” dropped and we could feel some serious stuff from Natalia.

Guess what?! She sang our fav new track and without all the extras for a performance, she slayed. We were impressed that just her herself could seduce a crowd of judgmental and always silent until they approve. It tends to be a real test, if you can make this crowd happy, you can work it out.

Grab her single or even the whole album off iTunes here –>

Also here is the music video for the track, we are obsessed with it.