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Last night in Los Angeles, British Airways & Variety Magazine felt the need to bring all the hot celeb Brits (well a bunch of the ones in LA) together in one place. Why? Because British Airways launched their double-decker plane the A380 & Variety is running a piece on the ‘Brits To Watch’.  Yeah British Airways wants you to have an even more posh experience in the sky, I mean its been dubbed the double-decker plane and all.

Now the party was hot, the people were hot, and the music performances were super hot, in the most chill and British way they could.  We got the luxury of being right in front for both the music acts, first Gabrielle Aplin performing her single “Home” and then Foxes performed her hit “Clarity,” as well as her new single “Youth”.

Gabrielle Aplin performing “Home”

Grab Gabrielle’s track “Home” or her whole debut album English Rain on iTunes here –>

Foxes performing “Youth”

Watch the official music vid here, and grab the track on iTunes here –>

Foxes & Zedd acoustic version of “Clarity” (not from event)

Some pics from the event.