So for the past week I have had the privilege of jamming out to Bangerz, the highly-anticipated fourth studio album from Miley Cyrus! The album is slated to be released on October 8 but you can stream it right now on iTunes here –>

After the success of her singles “We Can’t Stop” & “Wrecking Ball,” many critics & fans alike have been excited and interested to see what the full album will have to offer.  I have to say I was skeptical and didn’t expect much. With such a strong build up and hype generation regarding this release, I expected the music to be sub-par. That seems to be the case with releases that have so many attention-seeking stunts attached to them. You know twerking on Robin Thicke and making out with sledge hammers right before swinging on wrecking balls naked, kinda stunts.

Now regarding Miley’s publicity stunts and discussion-starting twerking, I think its genius and has done exactly what it was intended to do.  When my parents asked about Miley and her VMA performance, I knew it right then, she’s got everyone talking. Now they weren’t fans of her behavior or performance, but to be honest, them not liking it even further strengthens Miley’s connection with her fan base. Remember if parents don’t like their kids getting her music, then every kid will want it. It’s the same thing Rock and Roll was for our parents, a rebellious style of music that adults rejected.

Now that you know how I feel about  on her stunts as of late, I will proceed to reviewing her music, the whole reason your reading this anyways.  The album starts off with the track “Adore” a slow sensual ballad that gives you a totally different feel from Miley than “We Can’t Stop” or even “Wrecking Ball”. She is getting vulnerable and opening up right off the bat, I kinda love that. Once she gets your heart beating, she drops the beats on you with “We Can’t Stop” & “SMS (Bangerz)” [Feat. Britney Spears]. Not sure I love “SMS (Bangerz)” but it’s a smart move throwing Britney on that track.  Now the rest of the album has some tracks we love and some we just don’t dig. I’m loving “#getitright,” “Drive,” “FU,” “Someone Else,” “Hands In The Air,” & “On My Own“. The rest of the album is alright, solid, but not connecting with me at the moment.

FU“(feat. French Montana) is honestly a stand out track and everyone we know that has heard it, LOVES IT!

If you listen to “FU”, there are some internet slang Miley uses you should know. 

TBH = To be honest

SMH = Shaking My Head

FU = F*ck You

 It definitely needs to be a single and a music video to that will be interesting for sure.

Another track I totally connect with is “On My Own” and it feels like a Michael Jackson inspired number that fits perfectly to round out the album.  It’s on the Deluxe Version but could have worked on the standard edition for sure.

Overal it’s a solid record and think Miley way out did the expectations put on her. For once, the music might live up to the hype.

Be sure to grab Miley Cyrus’ new album Bangerz on iTunes here –> SmartUrl.It/MileyBangerzAlbum

Bangerz Tracklist

  1. “Adore”
  2. “We Can’t Stop”
  3. “SMS” (Bangerz) [feat. Britney Spears]
  4. “4X4″ (feat. Nelly)
  5. “My Darlin” (feat. Future)
  6. “Wrecking Ball”
  7. “Love, Money, Party” (feat. Big Sean)
  8. “Get It Right”
  9. “Drive”
  10. “FU” (feat. French Montana)
  11. “Do My Thang “
  12. “Maybe You’re Right”
  13. “Someone Else”

Deluxe Version

  1. “On My Own”
  2. “Rooting for My Baby”
  3. “Hands In the Air” (feat. Ludacris)