Lana Del Rey Tropico Premiere

Yesterday, November 4, 2013, Lana Del Rey premiered her short film ‘Tropico’ in Hollywood, CA and I got to attend!  It was an event for die-hard fans and industry peeps alike.  The premiere was held at the famous Cinerama Dome at ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, the location was perfect for Lana Del Rey to grace the audience with a visit and let her fans in on some secrets. While introducing the film, Del Rey let her die hards know the name of her next album, Ultraviolence.  The film which was directed by Anthony Mandler, who directed Lana’s music videos for “Ride” and “National Anthem” features the songs “Gods And Monsters,” “Bel Air” and “Body Electric” from her Paradise EP, on  iTunes here ->

“I really just wanted us all to be together so I could visually close out my chapter before I release the new record, Ultraviolence,” Lana said.

The  flyer that was passed out to the audience of the premiere, with a message from Lana to her fans. It’s cute and a perfect way to intro the film. 

Most of My Friends are dead – and many of them I have never met before.

In my private life, I live quietly, and with all the choice of the living at hand.  I prefer to bask in the legend of people I’ve only heard about. To me –  they are as real as the people sitting in this theater. I learned from Charles Haanel, through his experimentations with imagination that through actively honoring the memories of your choice historical figures, and in consulting with them as though they were real, you are eventually able to receive true guidance from them as though they were really here.

True, it is a strange way to live – but it is magical, and I’ve found my magical thinking has lead to miraculous results. So, this video is my homage to the legends I’ve lerned from as well as a nod to my colorful past. I hope you like it. It was the best I could do with my limited ability to translate my inner visions into pictures. On that note, I’d like to thank everyone who made that possible!


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Lana Del Rey Tropico flyer for fans 2013