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Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP release is approaching ever closer and as such, we get lots and lots of promo for her upcoming album.  Yesterday Lady Gaga performed her song “Gypsy” live for the first time ever and it was streamed via AMPYA, a German music streaming service. Gaga was in true form, wearing black lingerie and a big old french mustache and singing her heart out while playing the piano. The track written by herself as well as, DJ White Shadow, Madeon, and RedOne is a song about Gaga’s travels around the world. Gaga told the audience to start off the performance, “… I wrote this song as I was traveling around the world … they say that a Gypsy doesn’t have a home. But I do have a home. I have a home with you always.”

Watch her sickening performance below.

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Gypsy Live Rip

After all this awesomeness, Gaga released even more stuff to her fans via Twitter. She released 3 covers for Venus, and a snippet of the track “Venus“, due out on iTunes this Monday October 28. Listen Below, it sounds so different than “Do What U Want” but that was to be expected for she said the album is a full journey.


Check out all 3 covers below and the snippet of “Venus” at the very bottom of the post. ;)


Gaga Venus 2

Gaga Venus

Pre-Order Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP on iTunes here –>