Lady Gaga 2013 iTunes Festival

UPDATE: Fixed embedded video that was blocked.

Well this past weekend all the Little Monsters all over the world got to see Lady Gaga perform nearly half of her new album. Yeah thats right, on the 2013 iTunes Festival stream Sunday from The Roundhouse in London, England. We got to experience Aura, Manicure, Jewels and Drugs, Sex Dreams, Swine, ARTPOP, I Wanna Be With You, and Applause… now we need to breath.

Many of the tracks were performed with a full band and back up dancers, some just Gaga and her piano. Oh yeah don’t forget the many costume changes, as we would expect from the pop diva. It was stripped down yet full bodied versions of the tracks. We even got our hip-hop/Urban track we have been waiting to see from Gags (Jewels and Drugs). Overall, It was definitely a show for the fans and haters actually won’t have much to come for here… cuz its a killer.   You can tell that these songs will rock the clubs, radio, and anywhere else people can play music.

Btw did we mention Gaga looks unbelievable throughout her entire show!

“I was willing and will always be will to risk it all for what I believe in.” –Lady Gaga

Watch below and pre-order her new album ARTPOP due out November 11 on iTunes here. –>

Aura: 0:26 MANiCURE: 7:32 ARTPOP: 15:37 Jewels & Drugs: 24:10

Sex Dreams: 34:00 Swine: 44:22 I Wanna Be With You: 53:47 Applause: 1:05:59

The monologue from Lady Gaga for her track “Swine” explains some deep dark reasons for the writing of ARTPOP and her undying love for her fans/Monsters. Below we have provided a transcript if you don’t feel like watching it. It was pretty intense but we could feel Gaga’s love and pain. We aren’t gonna lie, we connected even deeper with Gaga and her true talent on the stage.

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When I wrote the next song, it was one of the hardest things that I did because, everybody went on about all the clothes right, the makeup and the wigs, why does she always coverup?

So I decided I would use this opportunity to tell you why.

Because the whole world is watching and what I wanted you to know, is that like some of you, which is why I wrote Born This Way, I cared not for success, I cared not if people liked it, I cared only about that even just one person that it might touch.

I was willing and will always be willing to risk it all for what I believe in.

So here I am, the human underneath the wigs. (Its my real hair.) The reason for that is because, what I was saying was like you, some of you, I went through some really tough times, and tough times I have never really talked about it, I never talked about it because I didn’t feel that I needed to use it for people to like my music and I won’t tell you exactly what it was now, because, no need to be a downer really, but I am telling you because in order to write ARTPOP, I had to be willing to take off all the wigs and the makeup that I use to cover up the pain. It’s not that I don’t love my wigs, I am my Hair, its just that I used them for a long time to become different people. When I woke up in the morning and I didn’t feel strong enough to be me, I just became someone else. And it works, and it will work for all of you for whenever you choose to do it, but in order to grow and be a better artist, and to be come closer to you I knew I had to show you whats underneath all of the theater.

So here I am.

In order to get here, I had to climb through a lot of SWINE. And it’s really scary, when your young and you don’t know what it means to be grown up yet, so you start hanging out with adults, and you think, oh this must be what adults do, but it wasn’t what adults do, and it wasn’t, it wasn’t normal. But because I let it be normal, before I knew it, I was just a shell of a person, I was just a skin and hair, and my heart and my brain and my pussy, everything was just, it was, it felt like trash.

I felt like trash, only inside I felt empty.

So I wrote this song, to let go of all that pain. I wrote this song to hopefully help you get rid of yours. A place I never wanted to go back to, I had to go there.

But I would do anything for you monsters. You just remember, I would do anything for you.

Lady Gaga

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