Today we woke up to a great little read about Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton’s current relationship… or lack thereof.

Popwrapped posted an article on Lady Gaga’s latest tweets directed at Perez and shed some light on their fallout.

This is what we got from their article and our own investigation.

Gaga tweeted to her nearly 40 million Twitter followers what Perez did after her accident earlier this year.

Lady Gaga Tweet Perez Hilton Hate TextA little while after this tweet Gaga had to remind her Little Monsters to not get crazy.

The little monsters have started to develop a reputation of lashing out against anyone that doesn’t love Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga little monsters stop

Then of course Perez responded, but unlike he normally does, he did so by posting a little shade on Facebook. See below.

Perez Hilton Facebook Lady Gaga Single Position

This one twitter follower had the perfect response to the chatter that Applause is flopping.

[tweet https://twitter.com/kaislemonster/statuses/368065321493475328]

Well we all will watch and see where this tiff and the numbers go this next week. TBH we do appreciate the call out of Perez by Gaga.

Karma is a bitch and throwing those words around will only lead to it coming and biting you in the ass. We are looking at you Perez.

Last thing. Be sure to tune in on Monday to GMA for the premiere of Lady Gaga’s music video for Applause. We have included this fan made chart of the times around the globe.

Lady Gaga Applause Music Video Release Times

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