Lady Gaga Applause 2013

This is the best Monday a Gaga fan could have in nearly 2 years… that’s because Lady Gaga‘s newest single “Applause” was released early! Below we have included the hot new single that premiered on US radio this morning and you have to listen!

“Applause” is the lead single off Gaga’s upcoming album ARTPOP, due out November 11. Co-written by Gaga and produced by DJ White Shadow, the track is a hot upbeat electro-pop beat ready to be blasted in the club, while we all dance our little hearts out. Listen to the track below. Get ready to fall in love.

(regardless what anyone says, listen to it for yourself and decide your own feeling about it)

We also included the screen shot of Gaga’s announcement on her Facebook page of why the single was released early.


Gaga’s Facebook Announcement RE: Applause early release.

Lady Gaga Applause Facebook Announcement