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Now we have snippets of the track … but based on how upset Lady Gaga is off the snippets leaking and the work that goes into a promo single or album’s release… We are going to hold off on posting snippets or anything until it goes live for purchase on iTunes.

Sorry bout it.

(NOTE: We don’t leak music and media first. We will only post once its really already leaked by other sites. )


Lady Gaga Tweet Applause Leak

Tweet 1Tweet 2


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Oh and someone shared this gif with us and we thought it was hilarious. (We love Katy Perry also, so don’t take it the wrong way)



Lady Gaga Applause Cover Art

(UPDATE: To clarify, we don’t have the full-leak or CDQ version of the track, but I’m sure you can find it when it does finally leak. One of our writers decided it would be funny to post that we have the track. Sorry little Monsters. )