As we get ready for the release of Kylie Minogue‘s upcoming 12th studio album ‘Kiss Me Once’, set to drop March 18, we get an early treat of “Sexercize” which leaked in full today! We got our first taste of this upcoming album with the track “Into the Blue“, that we totally love!

So listen to “Sexercize” and the album sampler below. Be ready for Kylie’s upcoming slayage. Grab the album off iTunes here once it drops. ->


  1. ‘Into the Blue’ | Kelly Sheehan, Mike Del Rio, Jacob Kasher
  2. ‘Million Miles’ | Chelcee Grimes, Peter Wallevik, Mich Hedin Hansen, Daniel Davidsen
  3. ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ | Pharrell Williams
  4. ‘Sexy Love’ | Wayne Hector, Autumn Rowe, Peter Wallevik, Mich Hedin Hansen, Daniel Davidsen
  5. ‘Sexercize’ | Sia Furler, Marcus Lomax, Clarence Coffee, Jordan Johnson, Stefan Johnson
  6. ‘Feels So Good’ | Tom AspaulMNEK
  7. ‘If Only’ | Ariel Rechtshaid, Justin Louis Raisen, Daniel Nigro
  8. ‘Les Sex’ | Amanda Warner, Peter Wade Keusch, JD Walker
  9. ‘Kiss Me Once’ | Sia Furler, Jesse Shatkin
  10. ‘Beautiful’ (feat. Enrique Iglesias) | Enrique Iglesias, Mark Taylor
  11. ‘Fine’ | Kylie Minogue, Karen Poole, Chris Loco


Special Edition

  1. ‘Mr President’ | Tommy Trash, Kelly Sheehan
  2. ‘Sleeping With the Enemy’ | Kylie Minogue, Claude Kelly, Greg Kurstin
  3. ‘Into the Blue’ – video
  4. ‘Making of ‘Into the Blue’ – video
  5. ‘Into the Blue’ – trailer
  6. Behind the Scenes of Kiss Me Once Photo Shoot – video
  7. Kylie on Kiss Me Once – video