Katy Perry Unconditionally Music Video

I’m going to start off with the fact I wasn’t fully signed on for this new PRISM era, I felt it was missing something… that has all changed. Katy Perry has delivered a beautiful and powerful music video for “Unconditionally” the latest single off her album PRISM. This video changed the game in my eyes 100%.

When watching the video, all I keep thinking of is this is what a Vanity Fair cover shoot must be or needs to be like. The shots are gorgeous and impactful, Katy looks so amazing it’s kinda surreal. Overall this video makes “Roar’s” video look like a joke and not in line for this new era. Great job Katy, keep this kind of stuff coming our way. 

Katy explained a little of what to expect from the video to MTV while at the 2013 MTV EMAs, she said

“This video is different than the other ones, because the other ones have very strong narratives or storylines, and I wanted to go a different route, one that was based on beauty and glamour and gorgeous shots. There’s a little less of a storyline, but there is one part in the music video where I get hit by a car, because it’s a metaphor to talk about when love finds you, it’s kind of being like hit by a car” (Watch the quick interview here.)


Watch the video below and grab “Unconditionally” off Katy Perry’s PRISM here –>   Smarturl.it/PRISM


Some of my favorite shots from the video. She looks flawless. Seriously.