Katy Perry Billboard Woman of The Year Cover Banner

In response to one of our other writers hating on Katy Perry, we wanted to share our love for Katy and the fact she is Billboards Woman of the Year! (It was announced like a month ago.)

Many artists come and go in Pop music, some leave a short & some a long impression, some have one hit wonders and some have many hits. The is that one type of artist you can’t get out of your head. Katy Perry is one of those artists, her music isn’t revolutionary by any means, but the void she fills in every music listeners heart & head is clear.  Influenced by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald & Billie Holiday to Gwen Stefani, simple melodies with perfectly placed lyrics create a tune those longing for love, life, and joy can embrace.

The Teenage Dream era has been a fun cotton candy filled time and we are ready for what new and exciting things Katy will bring.

 We feel its gonna get a little harder, stronger, and sluttier from Katy. Since the release of “Circle The Drain” we know that this chick wants to rock out!

Here is a video of our girl Katy being interviewed for Billboard.com about her award from them as Woman of The Year.

Say what you want but we love her giggle too much!

Now that you have an idea of what Katy Perry’s year has been like, here are our favorite videos from KP.

Some Photos of Katy Perry that rock.

Source: Billboard.com