Hit the Jackpot with Imagine Dragons

You don’t have to use your imagination to conjure up outstanding music when you listen to the sounds of Imagine Dragons.

Fluid, expressive, and dramatic, each song is an expression of the band themselves.

Their songs seem to be a balancing act in all sense of the word. Between a heavy and fragile sound, hope and being dejected in the lyrics, and propelling forward while keeping a firm grasp on their roots. With the defeatist lyrics in Every Night with “I’m the colorless sunrise/That’s never good enough” to the relishing in accomplishment in On Top of the World singing “Been dreaming of this since a child/I’m on top of the world.” After a good listen you will feel it too.

Their new record Night Visions shows the depth and creative beauty this group has to offer while also becoming a platinum record and headlining a tour in 2013 that’s not just in the good Ol’ US of A but hitting Europe as well. The four member band, yeah they let the chick go (Dan Reynolds, Ben McKee, Wayne Sermon, & Dan Platzman), hail from Sin City and as always, with Vegas, comes inspiration all its own.  Take the gamble and listen to them, you wont regret it and will have a sweet new band to add to your already flourishing collection.

Grab their debut album Night Visions here.

Watch this fun and awesome music video from the band, for their  latest single “Radioactive

Here is what some consider their break out hit & video.

It’s Time

Last video for ya is for their track “On Top Of The World