The Biebs has dropped a new track today “Hold Tight” and it’s keeping with his recent RnB vibes.

For the last few Mondays, Justin Bieber has released a new track each week, as part of his #MusicMondays promotions. Besides this weeks track we have received “All That Matters” and “Heartbreaker” from the Biebs. Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun explained #MusicMondays in an interview with Billboard recently, this is what he said:

Justin had this complete body of work that was very different from the stuff he had done in the past — very R&B-driven, personal songs, not necessarily songs that he was thinking of as radio records. That’s why he called them ‘journals.’ They’re very, very personal to what he’s been feeling over the last six months, going through a tough time. If you listen to the lyrics in these songs — “Heartbreaker,” “All That Matters” — he’s pouring his heart out. When I looked at that, I looked at it as, “He didn’t write one journal.” He wrote them in different days, [with] different emotions at different points, and I wanted people to experience what he was feeling, week to week… As each week comes, people will have a different type of song, and understand the different experience he’s going through week to week.

Listen to the track below and grab it here –> iTunes: Smarturl.it/ijbholdtight

Amazon: Smarturl.it/ajbholdtight


Hold Tight Single Artwork


[Via Billboard]