“Let It Go” is a new single that Demi Lovato released today and it’s a totally Demi kinda track.

The track which will serve as the main theme song of the upcoming animated Disney feature ‘Frozen‘, that will hit theaters November 27, 2013.  To get the single earlier than the release of the sound track (Nov. 25) fans had to tweet #DemiFrozen and unlock the track. It didn’t take long for Demi’s hardcore fans to unlock the track.  Demi did something like this for her last self-titled album release and it seemed to have a great response/reaction from her fans.

“Let It Go” has a soft and beautiful feel to it, nothing super powerful or overwhelming.  Demi sounds great and doesn’t push her vocals to levels too high for our enjoyment. Overall, loving the track for what it is, start to finish.

Listen to the track below and enjoy.


Frozen Original Soundtrack Artwork