Check out the latest from The Fray with the single “Hurricane“.

The boys of the rock band The Fray, are set to drop a fourth studio album Helios on February 24, 2014.  This week we got the treat of “Hurricane”, a new single off the album, to start the countdown to the album’s official release! We also have the tracklist and cover art for Helios, below for you. If you’re a fan of The Fray the track is a must listen and keeps in line of what we expect from the boys.  Are you excited to hear new music from the band?!

Grab the single “Hurricane” or the whole album Helios, off iTunes here ->


  1. “Hold My Hand”
  2. “Love Don’t Die”
  3. “Give It Away”
  4. “Closer to Me”
  5. “Hurricane”
  6. “Keep On Wanting”
  7. “Our Last Days”
  8. “Break Your Plans”
  9. “Wherever This Goes”
  10. “Shadow and a Dancer”
  11. “Same As You”

Cover Art