Travis-Garland-Motel Pool

The new single from Travis Garland has been announced and released, titled “Motel Pool.”

The track is supposed to be on Travis’ upcoming self-titled album Travis Garland. We aren’t sure we are obsessed, but we think this direction Travis is taking his music works.

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  1. “Where to Land”
  2. “Motel Pool”
  3. “Easy”
  4. “Abbey Lee”
  5. “Clouds”
  6. “Pullin My Hair”
  7. “You Made Your Bed (So Lay In It)”
  8. “Neighbor”
  9. “Other People”
  10. “Modern Life”
  11. “AllSheWannaDo”
  12. “Homewrecker”
  13. “Blue Electric Rose”
  14. “Chariots of Fire”