Tori Kelly Unbreakable Smile

My favorite little acoustic lover Tori Kelly just released her new album ‘Unbreakable Smile‘ and I’m still trying to get through it without all the feels.  The album is filled with some tear jerkers and some tracks your heart needs to hear ASAP.  Let’s just say if Ed Sheeran is on a track with you, it’s going to be goooood.

The track Should’ve Been Us was released as instant download along the pre-order of the album on iTunes and is the second official single from the album. “Expensive” was released as countdown single on June 16th.

Listen to some of my favorite tracks from ‘Unbreakable Smile‘ below and get ready for some good feels and good vibes.

“I Was Made For Loving You” is a pure love filled acoustic number capturing all that is when you know you were made to love someone so fully and completely. With Ed Sheeran on the track, we get that unique sound he delivers that just makes you feel like you’re part of a Nicholas Sparks film. My next favorite is “First Heartbreak” and you just know from the title its gonna resonate with those emotions of your first heartbreak & for some of us, more than one of those…  It sounds very much like her EP ‘Foreword‘ and that’s a sound I am all about.

Kelly’s vocals soar over the tracks beautifully and stick with her style perfectly.   Now personal reasons inspire anyone’s love for music at a certain point in their life, that being said, “Art of Letting You Go” is a track that we all relate to when were trying to figure out how to move on from that special someone. The track is sensual while still having an upbeat tempo that carries you along. “Nobody Love” & “Expensive” are two of the funnest songs to bop along to.   Overall, the album is solid and it’s nice to see Kelly keeping with her roots in regards to her music style, while really delivering us a polished product.

What track off the album is your favorite?!

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“I Was Made For Loving You” feat. Ed Sheeran

“First Heartbreak”

“Art of Letting You Go”

“Should’ve Been Us”


  1. Where I Belong | Tori Kelly & Claude Kelly
  2. Unbreakable Smile | Tori Kelly
  3. Nobody Love | Tori Kelly, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha & Rickard Goransson
  4. Expensive (feat. Daye Jack) | Tori Kelly, Lukas Loules, Daye Jack, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund, Tash Phillips & Joleen Belle
  5. Should’ve Been Us | Tori Kelly, Ludvig Söderberg, Jakob Jerlström, Oscar Holter, Laleh Pourkarim, Alexander Kronlund & James Alan
  6. First Heartbreak | Tori Kelly & Toby Gad
  7. I Was Made For Loving You (feat. Ed Sheeran) | Tori Kelly & Ed Sheeran
  8. City Dove | Tori Kelly, Laleh Pourkarim & Ilya Salmanzadeh
  9. Talk | Tori Kelly & James Ryan Ho
  10. Funny (Live) | Tori Kelly, Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony
  11. Art of Letting You Go | Tori Kelly & Oren Yoel Kleinman
  12. California Lovers (feat. LL Cool J) | Tori Kelly, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Goransson, Ali Payami & James Todd Smith
  13. Falling Slow | Tori Kelly, Johan Carlsson & Max Martin
  14. Anyway | Tori Kelly, Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony
  15. Dear No One | Tori Kelly
  16. Beautiful Things | Tori Kelly & Chuck Harmony

Target Edition

  • Personal | Tori Kelly & Jenna Andrews
  • Bottled Up | Tori Kelly