The Griswolds 2013So yeah, I had the opportunity recently to interview the boys of the Australian band The Griswolds. Let’s just say from the start they already were winning. Oh and this post is way longer than normal, but guess what? The guys of The Griswolds are worth the read.

Here is a little background on the boys;

The five-piece alt-pop band hails from Sydney, Australia and are made up of Christopher Whitehall (Vocals), Daniel Duque-Perez (Guitars), Chris Riley (Drums), Lachlan West (keyboard and percussion) and Tim John (Bass) recently released an EP entitled Heart of a Lion. It’s a small collection of some awesome songs, like their breakout hit “Mississippi,” which has one of the coolest music videos ever! Think acid trip at a festival in the back woods of Australia. (Watch at the bottom of the post.)

To be honest, the boys are more like a bunch of mates than just a band, even when bands tend to be close, these boys have a bond and charisma that just reminds you what it would be like to go out on the road with some of your best friends. ROAD TRIP. They give off an air of chill and awesome that you would find with a group of guys who are just great buds.

Now let’s get down to the interview, which took place at the Satellite here in Los Angeles, before the boys performed at the venue later that night.

I started off the interview by asking a question I felt was particularly pertinent to the boys, since they are from Australia and all, If they use their accents to their advantage?  Yeah I went there, I mean I know I’m not the only one who can be swayed by how an Aussie pronounces the simplest of words… The boys without skipping a beat, responded with a resounding YES.

The boys without skipping a beat, responded with a resounding YES.

Now the boys have made a trek across the states by van already, which led me to ask, If anything they have come across reminded them of back home, you know does rural America look like the outback? According to them it doesn’t. They didn’t really seem to notice anything that made them feel like they were back home in Australia. It’s really barren and dry according to the boys. They did get really excited when it came to getting to play in the snow, they don’t have that back home to just go play with on the way from one city to the next.  Our nation of states is an ever changing landscape and the boys took notice, and loved.

The Griswolds 2013

When you watch the boys music video for Mississippi, you get a sense of their natural fit into the music festival scene. That being said, I wanted to know what festivals the boys have done here in the states, and/or what festivals they had their eye on for the future. 

So the following festivals better hit the boys up because they wanna rock your stage! I’m talking to you Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and a country fair in Idaho (that’s what they said, the county fair part as well.). They are hoping for one of these or any festival here in the states, once their album drops next year. I think maybe Austin City Limits or SXSW would be an excellent fit.

The next question I threw the boys way, was one I personally consider when looking at an artist or act in determining if they may have longevity or some real chance in the cut throat world of music today. The question was what is it that will separate you from the rest, what makes you different, what is about them that the fans can connect with and have some ownership over?

The boys gave just the answer I was hoping for, since I would be watching them perform later that evening; performing live is when the boys thrive the most. They have fun, the vibe is natural and good, things progress organically. They are a group of friends rocking out on stage, as they say, it’s “…like a house party, the fun ones you have when you’re a kid. Just an awesome party.” After hearing this I couldn’t wait for the show later that night, and they didn’t disappoint.

“…like a house party, the fun ones you have when you’re a kid. Just an awesome party.”

The Griswolds 2013

Now this blog being Pop music directed, I wanted to know something directly with mainstream, What DJ/Producer would be their ideal remixer?   They boys are digging Calvin Harris and specifically mentioned “Feel so Close” and Florence Welch as two examples of work they like of his.

Sticking with the mainstream direction, Who would be their dream Pop artist to go on tour with, their dream Pop world tour?! This answer was something I actually never thought I would hear, Katy Perry. I kinda love it to be honest. Then they added Kanye to the list. So we have Katy Perry (Katy these boys will make a great opener for your tour, just sayin.) and Kanye West. I did drop the hint that one of Katy’s dancers is Australian and for them to figure it out. **hint hint**

I wanted to know, Who influences you, your writing, and your music? The boys responded with such an artists response, they are influenced by everything and everyone. They didn’t feel they really thought about that kind of question before and didn’t want to answer with something that wasn’t exactly true. That works for now because these boys are new and growing. However, I can say they mentioned Kanye West a few times in the interview. So somehow or someway that man has gotten into the boys heads. I personally am not to sure how he’s influenced them when listening to their music, but I am sure over time we will see more of his influence as well as other artists influences reveal themselves through their music. Which we were told to expect new material early next year! 

That was about it. I got to watch the boys rock out on stage and their vocals along with instruments were so on point. Seriously these guys are a group to watch. Can’t wait to see how far their charisma and talent carries them over the next few years. Be sure to grab their EP Heart of a Lion on iTunes here –>

For me I’d turn the volume up for these boys any day. Give them a try below.


Grab their EP Heart of a Lion on iTunes here –>

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