Strange Talk

Of course I was running late.  My first interview since Petula Clark was touring with Sunset Boulevard (I’m dating myself), and I was running late.  I spent almost the entire drive to Silverlake transferring the venue contact’s number out of my email, into a text message, and then composing a text to let him know that I may be 10 minutes late and to let me know if that would be an issue – all at red lights of course.  Only to send it and get an error message because I had missed a digit in the phone number. Long story short I finally sent the damn message about 2 minutes before I parked. I channeled my best Robert Christgau and raced into the Satellite.

I had never been to this venue before and was impressed by the clash of mod-meets-basement decor.  The Griswolds were setting up for their sound check and my contact was running their board.  Despite my text messaging fiasco he had no idea who I was, but after some explanation he ushered me into the green room and I suddenly found myself surrounded by a group of affable and attractive Australians – couldn’t you just die!?!

I was immediately impressed by their personal style and hospitality; offering me their chairs when I suggested I would sit on the floor.  The Griswolds were making too much noise, so we quickly moved the interview outside anyway.

We stood in a circle on the sidewalk, like a group of bros; leather jackets, denim, sneakers, and book bags. A passerby may have assumed we were a bunch of college kids, unaware in reality they were passing an infinity of talent.  The band humbly told me about how excited they were to be touring, that they had been in the states since July, and were quick to make it clear that each of them contributed invaluably to their self titled EPThey were keepers – the kind of good boys you take home to your mom.  I was prepared to be intimidated by their genius, entranced by their accents, but instead they put me at ease.

I found myself just listening, hanging out, being one of the band so-to-speak.

When they asked me if I was staying for the show, I realized the sincerity of their desire for success; they’re noble need to please and spread their sound to the world.  I told them I was absolutely going to stay! I had been listening to their EP on repeat for the past two days – it made me want to sing, made me want to dance. They wanted to see me front and center, but I told them I liked to hang in the back at shows where there was more room to let loose; and I did.

The show was beautiful, and the crowd was great too; lots of mustaches, cross body handbags, and dancing!  The guys had said their main influences were Michael Jackson and Queen, which I hadn’t really picked up on their EP to be honest, but when they started to jam, the spirits of those two legends flowed out.  The live set had a lo fi sound compared to the album, which wasn’t a bad thing, but to someone expecting more of an EDM show it was a little disappointing.  Never the less, they rocked, and their talent and potential were on full display.

It was a great night packed with talent, and I encourage everyone to keep tabs on Strange Talk. They will be a part of this decade’s musical zeitgeist for sure.  The lyrics are strange (hence the name I guess), but their music makes you remember the potential for love, loss, friendship, and joy! It made me feel young, and I relish that these days as I look more and more like some cool kid’s dad (which can be hot, but not when you’re single and childless).  Like their song Cast Away says, Strange Talk set fire to the night and we’re all gonna watch the ashes fall.

…but their music makes you remember the potential for love, loss, friendship, and joy!

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Strange Talk Climbing Walls

Strange Talk