the dum dum girls spin music group

Spin Music Group (Spin Magazine) , Buzz Media, and Sonos Studios 

delivered an evening of drinks, art, and

the Dum Dum Girls.

Last night several of us had been invited to the event put on at the Sonos Studios in Hollywood for Spin Music Group and Buzz Media.  Let’s just say we had a blast…

Open Bar + Audiophiles + Low Lighting + Live Music = An Evening Worth Remembering

(It was rated G nothing got too crazy)

Dum Dum Girls had White Arrows open for them, and they were pretty cool on stage.

They had that whole SoCal stoner vibe going on and a mic that distorts all vocals to the edge of oblivion. It actually worked well for the event/space.

Once the girls took stage however the energy of the space changed ten fold, and for the better.  These girls have this mysterious-retro feel inspired by the emotionless vampires of the silver screen (not Twilight!).  Without any real expression they had the ability to impart the emotions of each lyric and thought of their songs perfectly. In other words you have to go watch the clip below of them singing “I Will Be” and also their new music video for the single “Lord Knows”.

The Dum Dum Girls at Sonos Sound Studios Sping Magazine Buzz Media

 The Girls rock and so do our sexy looking peeps like Heidi and Bobby

The Dum Dum Girls at Sonos Sound Studios Sping Magazine Buzz Media

The White Arrows have a good look about them, let’s see where they go in this brutal industry.

The White Arrows at Sonos Sound Studios Sping Magazine Buzz Media

Dum Dum Girls Perform at Sonos Sound Studios for Spin Magazine and Buzz Media.

Dum Dum Girls new single “Lord Knows”

Do you like these girls? We have kinda fallen for them.