Vince Kidd - The Zoo EP

Today we came across an interesting fella from Across the Pond, Vince Kidd. We weren’t sure at first what he was about, and still not totally sure, but we really started to dig his “Give ZERO F*cks” attitude and style. Not only is his style vibe-ing with us ATM, but he has some serious pipes on his person, worth a listen, and boy can he hit those high notes.

Vince Kidd got his first taste of fame after he competed on Jessie J’s team on The Voice UK. He’s got this cocky vibe about him in all his videos, that’s a little annoying yet totally attractive. who knew?!

Check out his music videos for “The Zoo” ft. Vanessa White (The Saturdays) and “My Gang” (which has clear drug use NSFW).

If your a fan of the Brit, be sure to grab his The Zoo EP on iTunes here –>

“The Zoo ft. Vanessa White”

“My Gang”

We also included a performance he did for SBTV in the UK of “You and Me” that we totally love!

Grab “You & Me” on iTunes here –>




  1. “The Zoo” (feat. Shystie)
  2. “My Gang”
  3. “Manga Life” (feat. Ice Prince)
  4. “The Zoo” (E.LE Remix)