Paper Route

Welcome our newest writer -> WriteTheUnsaid (not pictured above. that’s the band, Paper Route, silly)

Here is her first contribution… we know she loves her Emo and off the beaten path music, so who better to bring that to the blog?!

I’m not talking about your job when you were 10 that helped cushion your allowance. Not riding your bike throwing newspapers at the neighbor’s doors. Paper Route is music to my ears. Now this band has been around for a while, touring with some of the big names in Alternapop like Paramore, Owl City, Passion Pit, Jack’s Mannequin, and Switchfoot, along with headlining shows themselves.

The three members of Paper Route hail from Nashville, Tennessee and conjure their beats in an old plantation and have been making sweet music since 2004. Their sound is definitely not one you hear in mainstream as much but kept relevant with the smooth sound and electrical synth that comes along with in-depth lyrics and a good leading man’s vocals.

Their sound is soothing but at the same time makes you want to move. The backing tempo is fast enough that it keeps you listening and songs like “You and I” and “Letting You Go” are sure to resonate long after hearing them. Both songs are off their new album The Peace of Wild Things. Their music is worth taking a look at, these gentlemen have found their sound and it’s great for just about anything, from long car drives to needing some good music to relax to and somehow brings on a bit of nostalgia at the same time.