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Look at what we just got from the sexy & talented Nick Jonas, a new single! The single, titled “Chains” is the start to his solo career without his brothers Joe and Kevin. Listen below now!

Chains” is described as:

a metaphor for what he has been feeling all these years…He feels free now for the first time in his life. He’s making music he believes in. He’s done apologizing for everything and trying to be perfect. He’s just going to be himself; if people like him, great, if not, he’s done giving a s**t

The track gets a new level of sensuality from the young man and the way it mixes pop and R&B works perfectly for Nick. The song is rumored that it may be included as part of the soundtrack of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie. (Not sure how accurate this is but it could possibly be true)

Besides, the Jonas brother is also busy working on his upcoming TV show “Navy St.“, playing the role of Nate Henderson.


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Ladies, one last treat, remember when Nick Jonas posted that photo about #diabeticinshape?! Well here’s a reminder.