Lorde Royals parody White Girls Yahoo

We don’t normally post this kind of stuff, but this parody video titled “White Girls” from Yahoo! for Lorde’s “Royals“, is genius!

Watch below and have a good laugh. The video isn’t really making fun of Lorde, but coming for all the little white 20-somethings of America.

Some might say however, it’s attacking Lorde because some critics are of the opinion that “Royals” has racial undertones… and this parody is obvi making fun of white girls, but honestly just enjoy it for the comedy.

“…everyday is like snapchat, smoothies, sale at Abercrombie. Burt’s Bees, burn books, texting like a zombie, we don’t care…”

BTW since you’re here, check out a stripped down version of “Royals” by Lorde below.