Lana Del Rey paradise Review

Lana Del Rey, what can we say… Some of us are die hards, and some just don’t understand.

Either way, this new album / re-release is exactly what she needed to bring the package to the next level.

Born To Die: The Paradise Edition is a re-release of Born To Die, Lana’s first official album available for purchase.

(She had released other works under her name Lizzy Grant, but they have since been yanked)

The re-release takes us down a road of 9 new tracks that delve into more depths of Ms. Del Rey’s emotional existence. Ride, American, Cola, Body Electric, Blue Velvet, Gods & Monsters, Yayo, Bel Air, and Burning Desire are the tracks set to inspire love and loss in each of your hearts. Yeah we just got that deep.

Lana Del Rey has the looks, the style, and the voice (not so much live) that pulls the longing pop music listeners in for a different type of listen.

One thing is clear, that the writer of this review loved BTD on first listen. That being said, the Paradise Edition was going to have to bring some more to the table.

Paradise is naturally just an extension of BTD and doesn’t really stray from the melodramatic sounds and tone of the original songs.  However Paradise seems to be a bit clearer on the Pop side of things for Del Rey.  “Ride” is a beautiful epic song that steadily takes us for a ride, we prefer the music video for its opening monologue. But the lyrics of “Cola” take the cake on images and lines you don’t expect from the beauty of Lana Del Rey. Guess she likes to get down and dirty as well. Listen to the first 20 seconds of the track and you will understand.


Then we are served with “American” one of my most favorite tracks from Lana to date, and it is pop, I mean its not dance infused mainstream radio pop, but more get you when you don’t expect it on the radio pop.

Blue Velvet” the track from the H&M campaign is on the lines of an old hymn. Its beautiful and elegant yet something else lies beneath.  Keeping in line with how Lana likes to push the emo card to its limit “Bel Air” arrives and is a bit much. However it does seem to work.

Gods & Monsters” has a whole different intensity and meaning to myself that creates emotions and feelings of complete understanding with Del Rey. It’s a dark and rough track for sure.  Some of the other tracks don’t do that much for me. “Body Electric” just doesn’t strike a chord, “Yayo” is a bit boring and “Burning Desire” was good when it was leaked (months ago), now its tired.

Let’s enjoy this album for what it is, and people let the poor girl play the lost Hollywood starlit she does so well. Its working, every other angle seems to be taken lately.

Take this list of 9 great tracks as your theme music for love to come or to lose this new season.

What are your thoughts?

Grab it now here:

Look at these awesome Fan-made covers for the tracks on the Paradise Edition.