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This week a “mixtape” of sorts was released by Lana Del Rey, & we love it!

Titled “God Bless America”, the mixtape has several songs we haven’t heard before, plus some higher quality versions of some previously leaked tracks.

Lana Del Rey – ‘God Bless America’ Mix Tape


01 Happy Birthday Mr. President (Intro)
02 National Anthem
03 She Walks Into Mine (Interlude)
04 You Can Be the Boss
05 Hundred Dollar Bill
06 Put the Radio On
07 Kinda Outta Luck
08 Goodbye Kiss
09 Dangerous Girl
10 Gangsta Boy
11 Heavy Hitter
12 Marilyn Monroe
13 On Our Way
14 Driving in Cars With Boys
15 Never Let Me Go
16 Dayglo Reflection
17 The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA
18 The Man I Love
19 National Anthem (Outro)
20 I Sing the Body Electric

What do you think?

Here are some of our favorite pics of Lana Del Rey also.

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Lana Del rey red couch

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lana del rey bad gangsta

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