Lana Del Rey Black Beauty

We just want to start with that this track is unbelievable and reminds us of why Lana Del Rey is truly one talented lady goddess!

“Black Beauty” leaked earlier today, well at least a demo of the sensual and spiritual song.  If the track is anywhere on the lines of what we are to expect from Lana in her sophomore era… we are in for a treat!

We know we always get demos of tracks that never make the album cut, but “Black Beauty” made the cut, so its kinda special.

Take a listen to this amazing and moving track from Lana Del Rey. Put your past opinions aside and let this track into your soul.

We also have included a few other demos that surfaced today. It’s a Lana Del Rey Kinda Friday.

We won’t post links to download the tracks. **STREAMS REMOVED PER IFPI NOTICE**