Lady Gaga Do What U Want 2013

UPDATE: The release schedule for Lady Gaga’s upcoming singles was announced. Check photo at bottom of post.

Listen and watch below to get a taste of another new song from Lady Gaga! The track “Do What U Want” was announced via Lady Gaga’s Facebook as well as other social media platforms.  It is a track featuring R. Kelly and featured on the new Beats by Dre commercial. Talk about smart branding and marketing by all parties involved.

Looks like the track is gonna be our next single from Mother Monster! “Do What U Want” is due to drop Monday Oct. 21 and we are so ready!!!! “Dope” however is the next confirmed promo single from Gaga. The track will be released on November 4. So we get “Do What U Want” next week, “Dope” as promo Nov 4, but wait… “Venus” is the next official single and delivered on October 27. So It is going to be a Gaga music overload the next few weeks.

Oh we kinda died for this comment on the video.

lady gaga do what you want comment 2


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