Lady-Gaga-ARTPOP-2013-1024x523Take a listen to the new track to make its way to the web from Lady Gaga, “Swine”!

The track “Swine,” which Gaga performed during her set at the 2013 iTunes Festival and is included on her upcoming 3rd studio album ARTPOP, has leaked, well at least a demo or extended-demo version of the track. One thing to keep in mind, this is just a demo/extended version and not the official album version. We all know how that can mean a totally different feel after Gaga perfects the track.  Regardless the track is a great listen and delivers more of that electronic feel her fan base craves at the moment.

Listen to the track below and read up on what to expect from ARTPOP.

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UPDATE: Added the YouTube Embed instead of 3rd Party Stream.


ARTPOP is the upcoming third studio album from recording artist Lady Gaga, and is slated to be released on November 11, 2013. The official artwork was created by Jeff Koons and its reveal was of epic proportions. ClearChannelOutdoor billboards around the world premiered the artwork on Monday morning. Talk about an awesome and iconic reveal!

ARTPOP Album Artwork – by artist Jeff Koons


Pre-order ARTPOP on iTunes now here! –> SmartUrl.It/ARTPOP


The app was created by TechHause, the tech people behind HAUS OF GAGA. Gaga says the app will be a musical and visual engineering system that combines, music, art, fashion, and technology, with a new interactive worldwide community called “The Auras”.  Can’t wait to see what this is all about! Love all of this new ways of engaging the fan base. As the HAUS OF GAGA says on November 11, the “BING BANG!”, the day the HAUS OF GAGA brings the music industry into a new age; an age where art drives pop, and the artist once again is in control of the “icon”.


ArtRAVE Party

Lady Gaga will host an “ArtRave” party the night before the release of her album ARTPOP.  The event will showcase projects she has been working on in collaboration with The HAUS OF GAGA, Dutch photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, avant-garde theater director Robert WIlson, performance artist Marina Abramovic, and artist Jeff Koons.

Are you ready for this new age and experience?!

Pre-order ARTPOP on iTunes now here! –> SmartUrl.It/ARTPOP