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Last night we had the chance to go see the Jonas Brothers perform for one of their 3 shows this week in Hollywood at the world famous Pantages Theater.

When I say chance, I mean it was a great idea, but the screaming girls turned an amazing night into a sort of hell.

It wasn’t that bad, but my ears are still ringing…


Some Super Fans. lol
Some Super Fans. lol

So our Jonas story goes like this,

The night started out as any other night when in Los Angeles when your going to a show or concert. You get all glammed up, dolled up, sexed up… whatever you wanna call it. Then head to the space to take on the lights, cameras and action. Last night the space was the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Kinda of an unexpected venue for a concert from the Jonas Brothers, but eh we got comped tickets, so we couldn’t say no.

Once we got our tickets, took some photos out front / in the lobby, we headed into sit down. That’s when it hit us… it was filled with all teenage girls.

Now we have been to plenty of concerts but never a teen boy band with all girl fans.

When the lights dimmed and the curtains went down… the hell began. The screaming was that of a woman being stabbed in a horror movie. YES, it was that bad. 

Other than the ear-piercing screams and panting from the tweens all around it was a great concert.

The boys sang great and they worked the crowd like young Magic Mikes working a room full of sorority girls. The Brothers have some seriously awesome stage presence going on. This seemed to be because all three of the boys played their part in the dynamics on stage, Joe the front man, Nick the sweet and tender one, and Kevin the shy but totally talented one.

We also would like to point out the fact all three boys look so hot, and Joe  Kevin Nick has become our new favorite.

Out of the 15 plus songs they sang, we got “SOS,” “Just In Love,” and “Diamonds” (yep they covered Rihanna‘s hit song) on video for you.

Watch the clips below and look at the pictures we snapped. Enjoy!


Just In Love


Some Photos from the Concert.

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