Jillette Johnson - Torpedo

So we were playing around on Spotify and they featured this new girl, Jillette Johnson, that we happened to listen too. WOW.

It’s something we need in our lives right now and we can’t turn off her debut album, Water In A Whale, not even for a second.

She has been doing the festival circuit this year and this has led to a push into the spot light. Most recently Jillette played Bonnaroo, Firefly and Joe’s Pub in NYC… When are we getting her in LA?! We are sooooo happy that we stumbled across her.

The track “Cameron,” (listen to it here) which is about a transgendered person, is what got Jillette her record deal with Wind-Up Records last year. The music video for the track is to premiere July 1 and we are excited to see how that will be turned into a beautiful visual story. After touring this last year, she has finished her debut album and its actually quite a beautiful story, not just a bunch of songs. Listen to her lead single “Torpedo” below, you will understand our love for her.

Grab her debut album Water In A Whale on iTunes here.

Also be sure to connect with this lady all over social media below.

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If you want to listen to the whole album now, head over to Spotify.


Jillette Johnson

Jillette Johnson

JilletteJohnson 2

UPDATED: Added some info we received from Wind-Up Records & corrected album name.