James Blunt Bonfire Heart EP 2013So it has been some time since we have seen new content from James Blunt cross our path. Now we know he has released stuff since we have given him any attention, but this EP/Single, Bonfire Heart, is the first time we have had to stop and listen. It’s good.

If you don’t remember who James Blunt is, then here is a song you have to know, it was a big hit for him here in the states, “You’re Beautiful” watch the music video here. The EP is short and sweet, seems to be the trend of music these days. Luckily there is a full album for us to enjoy in less than a month. We enjoyed this EP and think if you’re looking for a good melodic grouping of songs, with subtle vocals that flow ever so naturally, then grab the EP and Pre-order James’ upcoming album Moon Landing, due out November 5.

Pre-order the upcoming album here and get “Bonfire Heart” right away! –> Smarturl.it/JamesBluntML

Watch the music video for title track “Bonfire Heart,” below. We don’t love the video but we do enjoy the song.