The Gossip is… this band that are breaking the norms of mainstream. Yeah their name is Gossip and they are interesting to say the least. Lead Beth Ditto doesn’t fit with the norms of music pop star at all, she’s a big girl and many have compared her looks to that of Adele (prior to A’s weight loss). The band actually has had a great presence in the UK, seems the Brits prefer talent over just good looks… imagine that.

You could say the group has a post punk indie meets dance-punk kinda sound. We prefer you listen and figure it out what they sound like to you!

Well other than the fact their look is different, they have a pretty cool sound. Now they aren’t just breaking into the scene by any means, we just had to give them a little plug after listening to some of their songs recently. As with all good music, regardless of if its Pop, Rock, Rap, or Country, we always wanna give you a heads up.

The groups latest album A Joyful Noise is their break into the mix of things again.

Take a look at some of the music videos from the group and don’t let looks block you from some rad music.

Grab some of their music on iTunes here.

Beth Ditto

beth ditto

Move In The Right Direction

You may know them however for this track, “Heavy Cross” it was kinda popular but is from 2009 works.