When you take a group of musicians and throw them into the mix, with the goal of some vintage pop, you end up with a whole lotta Fun.


Fun. (“Our Name is Fun.” as they brand it) is a pop-indie band paving their way up the charts.   According to Billboard.com, to date Fun. has had the fastest selling single for 2012.  The song you all may know far to well is “We Are Young,” made the group a favorite of pop & indie music lovers alike.
Last night in Los Angeles, at the House of Blues on Sunset, Fun. performed for Aol Music & T-Mobile’s Signature Sounds Summer Concert series (that’s a mouthful). They had an awesome set and rocked the stage. Check out some of the pics from the event after you watch the new video for Fun.
“Some Nights” the album titled track’s music video just premiered on MTV.com.
The video is fitting for the song and the bands overall image. It definitely has a retro feel with being placed in colonial times.  Which seems to work great for the power the song imparts to the listener. Its a “I’ll keep on fighting,” kinda jam.  Take a gander, what do you think?
Get their album titled “Some Nights” on iTuneshttp://smarturl.it/somenights
An awesome wall sized litE-brite!
A few of us with the lead singer of Fun.
Fun. performing “We Are Young”
Some more Lite-Brite!
T-Shirt Screen Printing Booth in the T-Mobile/Aol Music Lounge