We all have had those times we were invited to see a show and realized we had never heard of the artist?  Yeah that happened Wednesday night, however we were the ones that invited our friends to go see the Swedish pop singer Faye.We actually introduced you all to her a few months back.

faye single cover

Since we didn’t want to go and it be no fun… We hustled out our loudest and funnest friends to join. Glad we did cuz it was an intimate crowd of like 60. Now that’s usually a bad sign, however in this case, it was because Faye is a secret of Sweden and they are about to use her on us unsuspecting Americans in the wars of Pop.

Back to the point of this post. Faye totally took us by surprise and slayed our little ears and hearts with the vocals of a female powerhouse. We can see how this Swed led the girl group Play in her early years of music. Faye is now touring as a solo artist and just started her US leg. Seems she is not performing at large venues, but intimate and small places. The kind of gigs where an artist gets life long fans. She has definitely made those in each one of our group.

Below we have added some video from the performance, the first one is a song we didn’t catch the name of, but seriously, its amazing.

Watch, enjoy, and get into this little secret. We hope good things are to come for Faye, with the right promotion and songs, she will be discovered by people everywhere and welcomed to stardom.

Mash-Up clip of a few other tracks that Faye performed.

‘Water Against The Rocks’

Grab Faye’s music on iTunes here, and follow her below.

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