Sometimes, though not often, we skip over an artist that we can’t understand how or why we did.

Not that we hadn’t heard of Ed Sheeran, we just really didn’t give his music the focus it deserves.

For a guy that writes for so many of the Pop acts we love, Olly Murs and One Direction for example. We should have noted him.

Ed’s music inspires emotions of love, loss, and finding ones self. He doesn’t have the looks you would expect from an artist that’s making so much headway. But this boy has a giant fan base and it’s well deserved.

The first video in the video playlist, “Give Me Love,” below is the gem we came across the other night (it’s Ed Sheeran’s newest video) and  we have to say it caught us off guard. The video is so beautiful in its slight Black Swan moment moving ultimately into where we are delivered cupid shooting people with the courage to go for it. Go get the girl or the boy and fall for them.

You can feel the raw emotion and truthful feelings from Ed in each lyric he sings. Almost forget Pop music can have this power in the vocals alone.

Watch the video for “Give Me Love” and listen. Then watch the next 4 videos,

tell us if you don’t feel some deep sh*t. (you are ice if that’s at all true)

What do you think?

Buy Ed’s new album on iTunes here: http://www.smarturl.it/edsheeran.plus