Wow this came out of left field. Dido, known for the hits like “White Flag” & “Thank You“, has just released a new track titled “Let Us Move On

The track features Kendrick Lamar, which is kind of a genius move to bring her some relevance in the music world. The verses Kendrick spits are a perfect breakdown and then back to Dido and all her awesomeness to close out the track.

This is the first track we have heard from her upcoming 4th studio album, Girl Who Got Away, due out next March. We think it’s a perfect way for Dido to get back into the game of music.

Take a listen. Enjoy. It’s what we would expect from Dido, but actually is a welcomed style and sound right now.


Dido is looking so good!

dido girl who got away tracklist

Grab it here.