Looks like Demi Lovato has chosen the next & fourth single, “Really Don’t Care“, to continue the promotion of her fourth studio album ‘Demi‘, released back on May 10, 2013. The track comes at the end of Demi’s recent tour, ‘Neon Lights Tour‘, and prepares to push Demi into the next phase of her promo and music.

The song “Really Don’t Care” features the guest vocals of British singer Cher Lloyd and to be honest her added feature does nothing for us.  The track overall however is one of our favorites off the album. It’s kinda the perfect break up song, some of us may have listened to it on repeat in the last year during a break up or two.

Demi’s team and Hollywood Records choosing the track as the next single makes sense since it has been the best-selling non-single from the album thus far.

Listen to the track below and grab it off iTunes here. (