Carrie Underwood See You Again

Our country music goddess has just released a new music video! Any day is better when Carrie Underwood releases something new and her video for “See You Again” is just perfect.

The video premiered on ABC‘s Good Morning America and we have the clip for you below. You have to watch it, I mean she looks so beautiful we can’t handle it.

The video is a montage of Carrie singing (in white, blonde hair blowing, in a white room, and that heavenly light… we can’t) and random major life event clips. From military men becoming reunited with their loved ones, to proposals and graduations Carrie really pulls at those strings… may cause some tears.

This video will connect with her fans perfectly, we however think it might feel a little contrived, but hell we love Carrie and that’s ok.


UPDATED: Added YouTube version of video not ABC’s embedded one.