UPDATE: Included Spotify embed of final version.

Check out “Alien”, a new demo from Britney Spears off her upcoming eighth studio album Britney Jean, due out December 3, 2013. We have known about this track since back in October when Britney spoke to “Billy the Kidd” for KISS FM and revealed the track title and that William Orbit was laying the beats (producer). According to Orbit, this version is not the right one, as he noted via Twitter. “It’s the wrong version of ‘Alien‘ that’s out there. Right song, but had wrong chorus notes, (now fixed) on THE version.”


Listen below to the demo and pre-order the album off iTunes here –>


Britney Jean Tracklist

  1. “Alien” – Britney Spears, William Orbit
  2. “Work B**ch!” – Britney Spears William Adams, Otto Jettman, Sebastian Ingrosso, Anthony Preston, Ruth-Anne Cunningham
  3. “Perfume” – Sia Furler, William Adams, Chris Braide, Keith Harris
  4. “It Should Be Easy” (feat.
  5. “Tik Tik Boom” (feat. T.I.)
  6. “Body Ache” – Luciana Caporaso, Maya Langston, Richard Vission, Nick Clow
  7. “Til It’s Gone”
  8. “Passenger” – Sia Furler, Katy Perry, Thomas Pentz
  9. “Chillin’ With You” (feat. Jamie Lynn)
  10. “Don’t Cry”

Deluxe Version

  1. “Brighest Morning Star”
  2. “Hold On Tight”
  3. “Now That I Found You”
  4. “Perfume” (The Dreaming Mix) – Sia Furler, William Adams, Chris Braide, Keith Harris


Britney Jean Album Artwork